Natural free singing
with the instrument you always carry with you


It is wonderful to be able to sing, especially if you have such a day that it really goes nicely. Without any effort singing goes easily and you can go low and also super high! You can control the sound exactly as you want it and your voice sounds clear as if there is a silver lining on it and free, so free that it feels like you have wings. It gives you energy and you feel delicious.


How to deal with tention


Little tension is fine but stress is disastrous. Almost all of us have a stressful life where we are often under pressure, we are still confronted with tensions. These are not only psychological but also physical. What happens when you become tensed? You feel inhibited, blocked and have the feeling that you can’t coop with your life. Everything is difficult, especially when you are dealing with troublesome problems. You suffer from stress, both mentally and physically. When you are going to sing the tension effects your voice. The stress itself effects every part of your body; your shoulders are stuck, you’re breathing ‘ high ‘ and the stress beats your voice with all the consequences. How do you achieve that desired relaxation?

Learn to feel free Butterfly

The singing lessons are helping you to feel free and relaxed in a natural way. You Learn to use the right muscles for a nice full sound and what muscles you need to relax. We also work on technology and a song. You will be envolved with different musical styles as widely as possible;