Why Classic singing lessons?

Classical music is the foundation of Western music. When you take classical singing lessons you have the advantage of developing a very broad base that allows you to sing different styles. You practice a powerful breathing technique with which we start to get audible and intelligible to the rear of the hall without a microphone. You will also come into contact with various composers from different countries, who have proven themselves over the centuries and you come into contact with different languages and poets. There is going to be a world open that can mean a tremendous enrichment.

Examples of classical vocals:

Why Jazz?

Jazz music originated after the black people from African countries were kidnapped to America to work as a slave on the plantations. They were sold and were mainly found in New Orleans and there developed from a mixture of spirituals and African folk rhythms from which various jazz movements arose. The syncopated rhythms combined with improvisation is the basis of jazz.

Interview with our Soester Jazz pianist/arranger/conductor Henk Meutgeert about his love for jazz.

 Vocal Jazz

Listen to Summertime with Ella Fitzgerald. In vocal jazz, a lot of ' skat ' is applied; These are improvisations with meaningless words. A-Wapdoebiedoebie-Shoebiedoewie-bap-wap.

Examples of jazz with Skat: